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They may look simple, but hanging tags have great potential when it comes to promoting your brand through innovative features and ingenious details. SEVU Printing offers the best custom labels on the market, at the most competitive prices. Ideal for showing your brand and providing information about the product's content.

Choose the features you want on your labels, upload the file to customize them and guarantee the best print quality here.

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Note: If your item is personalized Front and Back, please indicate in the respective file the front and back.
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Hanging tags: what are they?

A hang tag is more or less a small card that can be tied around a product or packaging. Also known as hanging tags or card tags, these small tags are one of the most popular marketing tools. They often contain product information, such as sizing and care instructions, or additional information about your brand, such as your logo or a brief mission statement.

Hanging tags are more than just a that just printed prices. They are the ones that best entice customers to physically interact with your product. And hanging tags can help your brand stand out from the crowd by displaying important information, all on one handy little card!

What is the function of a hang tag and is it really necessary?

While many people think they're just there to tell the customer how much the item costs, tags are an often overlooked branding opportunity in the retail sector. Not only are they important to the end user, they can also reinforce brand identity and increase brand awareness.

You are more likely to find hanging tags on apparel and accessories, but are versatile as portable signs for your branding on other products and packaging. Let your logo speak for itself on one side of a custom hang tag, while the reverse can include your brand's website or social media. Or get smart with your packaging and hang scannable QR-code hang tags on your products to continue your brand beyond the box. Whichever way you choose to hang your tags, you'll be well equipped to create an unforgettable customer experience.

Where can I make custom labels online?

If you have this question, let us tell you that you are not alone in wondering which is the best website to make your labels. After all, we live in an age where you can do almost anything from a computer or a mobile phone. And, of course, your labels would be no different.

And this is where we come to the part where we give you our golden tip: look for a reliable online printing company with great prices and amazing print quality. Only then can you be sure that the labels you want to order will arrive at your home just as you imagined them. And, of course, we have the right suggestion for you! SEVU Printing represents quality, professionalism and the best prices on the market.

Create your own custom card labels

Ordering your personalized labels from this online print shop is very simple and intuitive. First of all, choose the printing details you want. These include the format and size, whether you want to print single-sided or double-sided, and how many labels you need.

Our paper labels come in two types: coated glossy (smoother and naturally glossy, allowing brighter colors in printing) or matte couché (less glossy and associated with more sophisticated works of art). Both have a grammage of 350 grams.

Then, just upload the file with the design you've prepared for your labels, add it to your basket and checkout - fast, easy and efficient!

And if you have any doubts or questions during your purchase process, or if you want to check the possibility of other printing options, just contact the SEVU Printing customer service team. A competent team ready to help.

Due to their versatility and low investment, hanging tags are used in a wide variety of products, in the most varied ways. Just add a thread to each tag and you can use it on bottles, containers or even clothing, replacing the need for a gun.

How to easily label clothes? Tag clothes without gun!

After customizing them with your design, you'll want to show the world your sophisticated labels hanging from your products! First, take a ribbon or a biodegradable jute thread, for example. Prepare your hang tags and identify the location of the hole in the string. Just thread the string through the hole and tie it to secure the hang tag to your product.

Garment hang tags can be tied directly around a strap or button, or attached to garments and fabrics with a safety pin. And there you have it: a beautiful hanging tag that adds a nice branding touch to your product.

For other sizes and/or quantities, please contact our Support service to the clan

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