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Banners & Roll Ups

Are you looking for a practical, versatile and, at the same time, extremely efficient solution to capture the attention of your customers or employees? Then we suggest our custom roll ups. Make your brand known and promote it anywhere.

In addition to being effective marketing tools, custom roll ups are the most practical and easy to transport option. Due to its own winding mechanism and the transport bag provided by our graphics, you can take this display everywhere.

Roll Up Banner: what is it ?

A roll up is an advertising medium that, as the name implies, has a mechanism that allows it to be automatically rolled up, thus facilitating its transport and handling. It also consists of a canvas where the message you want to pass on to your audience is printed.

SEVU Printing roll ups are printed on PP Nolite Blockout canvas. This feature gives it greater opacity, making the message more noticeable. In addition, it is a very resistant material, which increases the durability of the banner present in the display.

Why should your company opt for roll ups ?

As you know, more and more companies are looking to maintain an active and constant interaction with their employees and customers. And nothing better than using a versatile and practical communication tool that can be adapted to different situations, that is: a roll up.

If you choose displays in X or "spider" format, its characteristics make it easy to transport and store, thus transforming it into a portable display. In this way, you can present it in the most strategic places, capturing the attention of your target audience.

SEVU Printing : the best Roll Up price!

Another advantage of this marketing tool is that you get wide exposure and visibility for a very affordable price. Order now Roll Ups White Eco 85 and X Advertising Banners at the best price. Within large format printing, this will be the ideal solution to present your services and products at fairs, events and congresses. Make your brand reach everywhere!

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