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Advertising roll-up for your business
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Roll Up - o seu parceiro para congressos, feiras e todos os eventos. De fácil montagem e leve para transportar, é a ferramenta que não pode faltar na sua estratégia. 

A nossa impressão é feita em tela Lona ou  Tela PP Nolite Blockout (Material resistente que não torce nem enrola dos lados). 

Características do nosso Roll Up banner: 

- Estrutura de alumínio.
- Mastro tripartido com elástico interior.
- Calha superior carregada por mola com tampas laterais.
- Fixação adesiva sobre a base.
- Dois pés estabilizadores giratórios.
- Inclui saco de transporte em nylon.

Roll-UP structure
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Are you looking for a practical, versatile and at the same time extremely effective solution to attract the attention of your customers or employees? Then we suggest our roll up banner fully customized by you. Make your brand known and promote it everywhere.

In addition to being effective marketing tools, personalized roll ups are the most practical and easy option to transport. Thanks to its own roll-up mechanism and the carrying bag provided by our online graphic, you can take this display anywhere.

Don't know exactly what a roll up is? So let us help you understand a little better what this much talked about advertising tool is and why it is a real must have in your marketing strategy.

What is a roll up?

Also known as a roll up banner, a roll up display is a self-supporting advertising display consisting of a banner - a fabric canvas or other material - with content printed material and a base on which the banner is rolled up, making it easy to transport.

These characteristics make roll ups one of the most practical and effective solutions to give the get to know your brand or products at fairs and congresses.

Well, that's the short answer to the question "what is a roll up?". Below, we'll give you more details on the most effective opportunities to use it and some tips on how to create the perfect roll up advertising to suit your needs and strategy.

Roll Up Banner: A Big "Yes" to Your Marketing Strategy

As you know, companies are increasingly looking to maintain an active and constant interaction with their employees and customers. And nothing better than using a versatile and practical communication tool that can be adapted to different situations, that is, a Roll-Up company.

As already mentioned, the Roll-Up has its own winding mechanism. This facilitates its transport and storage, making it a portable display. Despite the size of the structure, when disassembled it is quite compact. This way, you can present it in the most strategic places, capturing the attention of your target audience.

The advertising roll ups are easy to assemble. Simply lift the tarp off its base and lock the mounting mechanism. All in a few seconds.

They are easy to transport. As it rolls up at its base, these tools are compact and very easy to transport. If you buy a roll up from SEVU Printing, you will also be provided with a handy carrying bag. Basically, it's much more convenient than a display board and much easier to transport, which also keeps it safe from possible damage.

In addition, roll up displays are reusable . Because they are so easy to transport, the roll up banner can be printed once and reused countless times.

It is impossible not to fall in love with the practicality and advantages that this advertising tool presents to your company. The ideal choice to accompany you to fairs, congresses or any event.

How to make a custom roll up? Top 7 of the best tips

Now that we've convinced you of the usefulness of a roll up, let's move on to the next step: how to create one!

Here are some tips on how to create your roll up and how to customize its visible area:

  1. Keep your logo at the top. Why? Because most of the time, this is where the spectators look for the first time. Then choose to place your main message at eye level. This way, you are more likely to capture your audience's attention when they go through your rollup.
  2. Think top to bottom, left to right. In school, we are all taught to read from top to bottom and left to right. Keep this in mind when you start thinking about the flow of information in your banner.
  3. Be sure to use high quality images. Everyone must use images in their roll ups. For an image to be ready for print, make sure it is saved in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and that the resolution is 300 dots per inch.
  4. Color is your friend, but it can also be your enemy. Color can help you stand out at an exhibition or trade show, but you have to be careful. The colors you use need to go well with each other, be within your company's identity and match your logo.
  5. Use text and spacing. Consider not only the font you are going to use in your roll up, but also the font you have already used, especially in your l

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Excelente Qualidade, Excelente Preço e Cumpre prazo indicados. Muito Bom!

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Excelente serviço e atenção ao cliente. Rapidez, eficiência e qualidade.
Muito agradável surpresa.

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A qualidade de impressão é incrível. Chegou bastante rapido e foram super disponiveis. Recomendo


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