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Located in Braga, at SEVU Printing we specialize in services online personalized printing of catalogues, magazines, packaging and much more, which allows you to take your business to other levels of success.

We seek differentiation through the quality of our service by making the best printing solutions available to our customers in an easy and fast way.


Our mission is to be part of the growth and development of companies, which can reach further through the communication they implement.


Our team is made up of passionate professionals, highly qualified in design, typography and marketing, able to take your projects to another level of quality and satisfaction.

The QUALITY and the RIGOR of our work are, for us, key factors in achieving SUCCESS.


  1. Customization: We have a team of excellent designers available to carry out the projects you envision.
  2. Quality: We provide a high quality printing service, in partnership with excellent raw material suppliers.
  3. Deliveries in 24-48h: We have partnerships with the best carriers in order to facilitate the delivery of your orders between 24h and 48h, after payment. Our shipments are processed quickly. *Except stock out*
  4. Excellence in customer support: We have a technical support department to answer questions and requests for information.

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  1. Meet the needs and expectations of our customers;
  2. Ensure graphic products and services with excellence and professionalism;
  3. Promote the updating and technological innovation of processes;
  4. We strive for the flawless execution of our commitments and to ensure customer satisfaction;
  5. We manage our teams with specific objectives to guarantee our profitability and follow-up, the continuous improvement of quality, with professional ethics, based on customer relations;
  6. Ecologically Sustainable Project.

SEVU Printing

Rua de Covas, 44 / 46

4705-397 Celeirós Braga



Phone: +351 964699227