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Advertising Counter

Make your products and services known through our promotional displays. Several models are available, so you can find the ideal format for you.

Discover the Lisbon promotional counter, this is a very effective display system for companies when they want to present themselves directly to the public.

This advertising medium is often used at events, fairs and commercial areas.

Advantages of promotional counters

Get to know the advertising counter Braga and others and be aware of all its advantages. Its use will help you to win new customers because, as a means of direct contact, your audience will immediately know your product/service.


Promotional desks also allow you to offer other advertising materials, such as gifts, business cards, brochures, etc. This action turns out to be an excellent complement for greater dissemination of what your company offers.


At a promotional desk, interested parties can ask questions about your company and the products you offer them. The fact that the customer is immediately informed gives him more security when buying.

Where are the best places to use promotional counters?

Promotional counters can be used anywhere: shopping centres, trade fairs, events, public transport stations or other crowded places. But if you want to know which ones are the best, here's a little suggestion.


How many times have you tried new foods and drinks when you go to the supermarket? Well, they're great places to put your counter, especially if you're in the food business. In this case, SEVU Printing recommends simple and small displays to facilitate the mobility of shopping carts.


And the shopping centers? I'm sure you've been to a shopping mall and seen cars on display with promotional counters beside them. More and more companies are choosing different places to promote their products. Many end up choosing the shopping center because it is a very busy place during all opening hours.


Another place to set up your stand is at typical trade shows and themed events. Here, the number of potential customers is quite high. These are usually people who already have the intention to buy. For these places, our online printing shop advises you to buy a counter with interior lighting and advertising roll-ups to give your company even more visibility.


SEVU Printing advises that the professional behind a promotional counter should be knowledgeable about the products they are presenting and be prepared to answer any questions from potential customers.

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